What is going on in our neighbourhood?

Clubs Wanted

Recently, thanks to an appeal in this magazine, a Dining Club has been formed in the Duinoord area. We would now like to put the spotlight on other clubs out there in our area, which local residents can join. There must be any number of card, book, walking, art, games or music clubs in the neighbourhood and it would be nice to write an article about them, especially if it will help to attract new members.

It could be that you have an idea to start up a new club, or you are a member or know of a great club that may interest other readers. Please let us know. We would love to have a list of names so that we can put people in touch with one another.

Duinoord is a lively neighbourhood and we want to know all about it.

Please get in touch with us via: redactie@duinoord-denhaag.nl

Thank you.


Join the Repair Café!


The Residents’ Group would like to organise a Repair Café this autumn, on two Saturdays between 12.00 and 16.00. They are scheduled to take place on 15th September and 10th November, 2018. So far, there are a few enthusiasts who would like to help out, but in order to make this initiative a success, we need more hands on deck.


We are therefore looking for volunteers to take on the role of handyman/woman, who enjoy sharing their skills with their neighbours. We could really do with people who are good with:

  • a needle and thread – to help repair clothing and textiles, and who may have a sewing machine.
  • electrical equipment – to help repair lamps, coffee machines and that sort of equipment.


We are also looking for someone who would like to act as host or hostess to welcome visitors to the Repair Café and serve coffee or tea, as well as coordinating the repair team.


If you would like to help make this a success, please send a message to the Residents’ Group: bewonersoverleg@duinoord-denhaag.nl. We look forward to hearing from you.



Hotel Petit

The Hotel Petit is undergoing a huge renovation and expansion. What was the medical centre next door will now be the Hotel Petit’s new wing and all guest bedrooms are having a complete makeover. A new café and restaurant are also being built, where everyone is welcome, including non-residents.

We spoke to Emma van Dorsten, the Hotel Manager: “For me, it’s very important that our hotel adds value to and is an important part of the neighbourhood. I think people would like a nice place to sit, where it’s not too loud and buzzing”. That is why the hotel will be open all day, for everyone; so flex workers can sit in peace with their laptop, enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich, for example. During the day there will be a menu with smaller dishes and a full dinner menu in the evening, prepared by a great chef.

The new hotel spreads across three impressive old buildings. No two hotel rooms are the same. Each room has been designed to bring out the best of the period features of this lovely, century-old building: the niches, the walls, the little staircases, the windows and the balconies. The furniture has been specially selected for each room, with little surprises in each one. “When each room is so unique, it would be a shame to decorate them all in the same way,” says Emma.

Once the renovation is complete, the hotel will be given three star plus status. This is what Emma wanted as there are enough four star hotels in The Hague and she would rather have an exceptional three star hotel than be just one of the many four star hotels. A three star hotel is open to more types of guests: business people, tourists and a lot of families choose her hotel because of the great family rooms.

The old hotel had twenty rooms; after the expansion, there will be fifty. But Emma wants to keep the personal touch, offering more than just a regular reception service. Now that the hotel has fifty rooms, will it still be called “Petit”? Ten years ago, Emma’s hotel became a part of the Best Western chain. That is why the new hotel will be called Best Western Hotel Den Haag. Emma hopes that people from the neighbourhood will come to rediscover and love this new jewel in the Duinoord area.


Jumble Sale

On Saturday 9th June, 2018 you can take part in something rather special, and at the same time meaningful for our future. A Jumble Sale is being held in the Community Centre on the Sweelinckplein and the proceeds will be used to plant new trees, both in the Netherlands and further afield.

Trees are essential for a healthy climate for our children and grandchildren; they provide us with oxygen; they remove the CO2 and pollution from the air and they are good for our water systems. Plus, a walk in the woods is always a pleasure.

Yet worldwide some 317 trees are chopped down EVERY SECOND. In the Netherlands, since 2013, some 1,350 hectares of woodland have disappeared per year – that’s the same area as 2,700 football pitches. Everyone can play a part, doing something about the frightening consequences of climate change. Last year our Jumble Sale raised € 670 for Trees for All (www.treesforall.nl), a national organisation that has been successfully working on reforestation for many years.


How does it work?

  • Bring your used household equipment, clothing, books, artwork, etc. to the Community Centre – anything that is still in good shape, but you don’t use anymore and you think someone else could still get a lot of pleasure from it.
  • Everything will be displayed on market stalls, with no price tag.
  • Everyone can decide for themselves what they can afford to pay for each item.
  • You put the money in a collection tin – hopefully, together with an extra donation.
  •  There will be coffee, tea and snacks on sale.
  •  Date: Saturday, 9th June – from 11 to 4 o’clock.
  • Address: Community Centre (Trefcentrum Duinoord), Sweelinckplein 4.
  • For more information, please contact Hanneke van Veen: hannekevveen@gmail.com. Tel.: 06-55772670


Clean Community – BuitenBeter

Help your local council to keep the community clean and safe. Your alertness and feedback are very valuable.

Is there a problem in your street or neighbourhood? Does a lamppost need repairing? Has a dog left a nice little smelly present on your doorstep? Is there a dirty bus shelter, a big hole in a cycle path, has rubbish been dumped? Please bring this to the attention of BuitenBeter. When you report something to BuitenBeter, a photo and GPS location of the problem will automatically be sent through to the local council so that they have the full picture and can take action.

Read all about it on: http://www.buitenbeter.nl/