Notice for Expats in Duinoord

1) An informal meeting over drinks – perhaps on a Sunday afternoon in our Trefcentrum Community Centre to get to know one another, swap ideas and talk about things that need to be brought to our attention. We speak English and Spanish, and can get by with a bit of French and German.

2) Or a meeting on one of the mornings when our library is open (Mon, Weds and Fri morning). As you may know, you can also borrow our English and French books, free of charge.

3) Do you need any Dutch traditions and/or concepts explaining? A lot of expats receive a lot of the information they need from ACCESS but there may be other subjects that still aren’t clear to you.
4) A reading in English about how Duinoord came to exist and the architecture in the area? No doubt you will have seen that the Sweelinckplein, where our community centre is, is one of the most beautiful places in The Hague.

You can send your reply to:

Thank you in advance for your useful feedback.